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How to use Instagram Followers Panel

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Sign up on our website and log in to your account, filling in all the necessary details.

Step 2: Add Funds

Through our diverse payment channels and best SMM services, add money to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Step 3: Make a Choice

Choose between the diverse plans that suit your needs and buy them.

Step 4: Get Followers

Sit back and watch the magic happen as your follower count shoots through the roof!

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Our SMM Services for the Instagram Panel

Increase your Instagram growth with Easy2Promo's Instagram Followers Panel. Unlock real Indian followers, likes, comments, video views, reels, and story views for Instagram.

Non Drop Instagram Followers

Fast-forward your Instagram journey to match your enthusiasm and ever-growing potential. Reach the top and stand with the likes of influencers you have always looked up to, all with the help of our Instagram followers panel, even dubbed as the most cheap SMM services for real Indian followers on the internet. You can increase follower on your profile or page with real people who will engage with your account to give it the push it needs.

Real Instagram Likes

There is a reason an Instagram like looks like a heart, for the people who put out their hearts to know that they touched one over the internet. Reach out to some with the help of our non drop Instagram Likes services, so you can fly on your own later. Many Instagram personalities started with the help of Instagram SMM panel to get people to like their content in the early stages. Even after, they continue to use it in times of lack of traffic or as a regular marketing tactic, trusting in its effectiveness.

Buy Instagram Comments

Maybe your community is there but lacks a voice still? Start a conversation in your comments to wake them up and hear what everyone has to say about you. Buying Instagram comments is a surefire tactic to raise the visibility of your posts, and it sure makes Instagram more enjoyable. Think of it as your cheering team who fires up the comment section to speak their mind and scream your name!

Instagram Blue Tick Verification

That one single blue tick after your name is what separates you from the masses. And there is one way to get it - to be popular. It can be as easy as it sounds with our Instagram SMM panel and its ability to boost every aspect of your account, be it the likes or followers. Your journey towards Instagram verification would be shorter and better with us at your side, that's a promise.

Instagram Live Views

It is not a joke when we promise real, interested viewers to your Instagram Live as one of our services in the Instagram SMM panel. Enjoy a higher viewership that will bring you to the forefront of the Instagram algorithm as the trending topic. It is a chance to slowly build up a community that will serve you greatly in the long run. Feel connected to your social media accounts as there is a person behind every heart popping up on your screen, and remember to smile, you are Live!

Instagram Story Views / Poll / Directs

An important part of the activity of your community on Instagram, apart from engagement with your posts, is how they respond and interact with you as an internet personality. Give them a push from behind the scenes and see people frolic for your attention, be it views on your Instagram stories, polls, or even DMs. It is fun to be famous!

Why choose Easy2Promo for Instagram SMM Services

Instant Delivery

Quick as lightning, we deliver at a frightening speed! All your orders with their promised deliverables get processed instantly through our high-speed channels designed for their quickness and reliability.

Cheapest and Best Instagram SMM Panel
Provides Support 24/7

24/7 Support

Easy2Promo boasts of the constant availability of its support for its users, around the clock. Be it a problem, a query, or honest feedback, we are here to help you with it all!

Non-Drop & Real

We guarantee genuine & real users as part of our services, along with complete non-drops. Authentic, non drop guaranteed, and reliable growth, that's a promise!

Real & Non Drop Followers Instagram Services
Easy to use Panel for Instagram Services

Easy to use

We put user experience as our foremost priority and make sure that our services are both accessible and effective for the users. Be ready for the best service, with an intuitive and on-the-cloud experience for all your social media accounts.

Reseller Panel Supported

Sharing is caring, and our social media marketing services are here to help you get more shares and engagements. Easy2Promo certainly thinks so! We promise complete API support for resellers to benefit and spread the love!

Reseller API Support for Instagram Services
Supports Multiple Payment Methods

Accept Multiple Payment Options

We accept both Paytm and PayPal as payment platforms that can be used by you to buy our services. These two acclaimed payment gateways we offer with our social media marketing services are failproof and trusted by millions!

What is the difference between the Instagram Followers Panel and Instagram SMM Panel?

The confusion between an Instagram follower panel and an Instagram SMM panel is understandable since they are so closely related. The Instagram SMM panel is a website that offers services such views, comments, likes and followers and can help you to get more other social media services to increase your social media presence as a whole, depending on your needs.

On the other hand, the Instagram Followers panel is a website that provides services related to increase followers as its focus.

Difference Instagram Followers Panel and Instagram SMM Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Instagram Followers Panel and other related SMM services? Find helpful answers right here to grow your Instagram account!

Instagram Followers Panel is a website where users can buy services related to Instagram followers for their Instagram account. It only focuses on the "followers" aspect for the benefit of increasing popularity and marketing.

The Instagram SMM Panel is a social media marketing panel specifically designed for Instagram. It offers a range of services, including likes, followers, comments, shares, Instagram reel views & Lives Views. Additionally, it also provides services such as Instagram mentions.

The best SMM panel for Instagram is Easy2Promo without a doubt. Among all the options available on the internet, Easy2Promo stands out as the most cheapest SMM panel for Instagram. We offer services while maintaining high-quality standards and offering the fastest and most authentic user experience.

Easy2Promo bags the prize for being the cheapest panel for Instagram followers with its services adjusted to suit the needs and pockets of beginners and veterans alike. Its affordability give users the chance to try out its services, and reap the benefits, all while being efficient with their investments.

Growing your Instagram takes a combination of relevant content and good marketing. Assuming you are giving your all to the former already, what you need is reliable marketing, which in itself consists of many proven tactics - traditional or otherwise. Posting ads, using proper hashtags, being an active member of communities, and self-promotion are some common marketing tactics. You can even bend the content to be more marketable.

Another way that is both uncommon and effective is the use of SMM or Social Media Marketing panels. These tools exist to boost the likes, followers, and views of your Instagram through certain techniques. Choosing a trusted service provider means genuine people who will engage with your posts, reels, or lives and boost the visibility of your Instagram.

SMM panels are safe for your Instagram account as long as they are used responsibly through trusted service providers. Most social media platforms like Instagram are wary of bots that can hamper your account growth. A genuine SMM panel service like Easy2Promo gets real followers to interact with your Instagram and gives you authentic and organic growth.

Easy2Promo is the best Instagram SMM panel in India service that works in both India and foreign countries. It is best for Instagram services in India according to netizens who have found success with our services.