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Cheapest SMM Panel

One of our core strengths is the affordability of our services and the various plans that are customized to make them cheaper than ever. It is important for SMM services, which are usually brought in bulk, to cost low enough for them to be a viable option for both beginner and seasoned social media accounts. We understand this principle and have put it into action.

Fastest SMM Panel

Quick as lightning, we will deliver our services before you can even start to utter Wow! One of the fastest on the internet, our pace is only limited by your internet connection. Our technical and support team maintains quick and smooth running of our services so our users can always expect the deliverables on time.

Easy SMM Panel

We prioritize ease of use as much as we do, being the cheapest and fastest SMM panel on the internet. Designed to be as simple as possible, your success journey with our SMM reseller panel is always only a few clicks away. The only platform you will need to be proficient at is the one that hosts your social media. With a conscious user-friendly design, we can proudly say we are most easy SMM panel online.

24/7 Live Support

Always there for your every need, we offer live support all around the clock, every day. You can ask and clear any query you might have or solve any issue you face, our professionals will be there to help you in every step. It is not a brag, but we provide solutions at a moment's notice!

Multiple Payment Options

To provide a safe and failproof experience when it comes to adding funds to the platform, we have made available two trusted payment options - Paytm and PayPal. This makes it possible to have a seamless payment procedure for both domestic and international customers.

Genuine and Safe

Anytime you buy a service from us, you get real people with prior online presence engaging with your social media, be it as likes, followers, or views. This means that your accounts remain safe and harbor organic growth as the traffic is picked up by the algorithms.

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Sign up and provide all the necessary information you are asked to make your profile and become a proud customer of Easy2Promo.


Add funds

Through our multiple and safe payment platforms, add the money you will use to buy the various services.


Choose the service

Go over the variety of services, streamlined to suit each and every need, and choose what is best for you. Buy them with the funds you added in the previous step.


Wait for Completion

Please sit back and enjoy the excellence of our services as your social media accounts reach new heights!

Easy2Promo's Diverse SMM Panel Services

YouTube is the video-sharing social media giant of the internet, with people being able to upload videos and shorts and even stream on the platform. It has existed since 2005 and garners billions of users every month! No wonder it is the second-most visited website on Google. It is a gold mine of activity for content creators, brands, businesses, and influencers to take advantage of and grow as internet entities.

But much like any other social media, it is easier to make use of its complete potential and reach your audience with a comprehensive marketing strategy and consistent activity. If we can trust you to work on the consistency of content, be assured and leave the marketing help to us.

p>With our YouTube SMM Panel, you can be well on the way to growing your YouTube channel with a boost on all your variables. You can buy subscribers, views, likes, comments and more with our service plans and step up your promotion game. Often, you need a push to reach your target audience, and our panel can be just that, giving you a complete edge over your competitors.

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app in the early 2010s and has been on a complete aesthetical journey since then. It is no surprise that the terms "Insta-worthy" or "for-the-gram" have become a standard part of internet slang. The platform, named after the amalgamation of instant cameras and telegrams, has been the host to some of the greatest influencers and celebrities of all time, with communities reaching millions of people.

Obviously, the platform has become a hub of fame and followers, with almost every business and content creator having an Instagram account nowadays. There is a race to monopolize attention on the platform, and even ranking in it can lead to great success!

This is where our best social media marketing panel for Instagram fits in to help users who want to make use of a platform like Instagram for promotion, fame, or even for monetary gain. Be it for starting your journey, for special events, or for supplementing your growth on Instagram, our panel allows you to buy services that can boost your likes, followers, comments, story views, etc., to new heights. Don't just dream. Walk on the path to success we create for you!

Facebook or as it is now called, Meta, needs no introduction at all. It is one of the original social media platforms that started most of the trends and features that are now available online. Facebook is used by almost half the population of our planet for business, social fulfilment, promotion, and so much more.

Being more than just a platform, it accommodates communities, private groups, instant messaging, lives, stories, and even gaming. For something that has so much potential for any user, it hardly takes much to sign up for it, considering anybody over the age of 13 can do so. This is one reason it has such a significant user base and why it will also have the most competitors.

Our Facebook SMM panel has been designed with special care to weed out this competition and allow you to grow to your potential sans any obstacles. Our services basically help you buy post likes, comments, shares, page followers, etc. from real and genuine people, increasing your social media to reach the right people at the right time!

From being invented in a living room in 2002 to leading the world with diverse job opportunities, LinkedIn has become a revolution in itself. A social networking app for working individuals and organizations, it is solely focused on promoting a professional mindset in the netizens so they can achieve their career goals. Currently, It is home to a billion users, successfully providing them a platform to promote their ventures and find like-minded individuals.

Keeping up with the times, the new updates offer corporate individuals the to become business leaders and influencers with services like LinkedIn stories, status updates, and hosting polls. If you are looking to hire, advertise, or sell your services, chances are your next client or employer is also surfing the platform just like you. It is just a matter of reach, connections, and influence to make use of the full potential of the social media platform.

And what better way to help you in this than our LinkedIn social media marketing services that are specially made for this task? We can provide post likes, followers, connections, recommendations, endorsements, and so much more for a competent marketing effort on LinkedIn. More than anything, be it the start or the rise of your professional journey, purchasing Instagram likes from our panel is a must to have people in your circle who will always support you and push you to move forward!

Famous in Asia, Europe, and Africa, with most users residing in India, Telegram has been a direct competitor to Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, etc., since its creation in 2023. The platform's unique selling point, apart from its multitude of features, was its extreme focus on security and encryption. This assurance of safety regarding user data and information led to many people migrating to the platform, and its user base reached more than 800 million active monthly users.

Over the years, Telegram has grown to become a cross-platform instant messaging platform that people can use to create communities, share stories, seek help from Telegram bots, and have channels that greatly supplement their lives. Thus, it is common for a lot of businesses, creators, and influencers to use the platform to maintain their clientele, flow of information, and connect with customers or followers.

A great way to grow on the platform is to avail yourself of our Telegram SMM panel services that can boost your channel, non-drop members, post views, comments, and so much more. We create a path for you to grow organically by providing real people and genuine connections that can be a part of your community and support you in your social media journey.

TikTok, as a social media app, became an internet sensation overnight after its release, growing at an explosive speed in the online sphere. Its success can definitely be attributed to its quirkiness and ability to understand media trends. Capturing the market of short-form video content ranging from informational content to lip-syncing to popular dances, it has become a marker of success for many brands and influencers to be 'TikTok famous'.

Our TikTok panel can help you harbour this ambition and achieve it through various services that focus on you getting recognized by the platform's algorithm for long-term success. Grab attention and involve real people in your social media engagement through our panel, who will help increase your views, hearts, followers, etc, and send you on a highway to fame.

Twitter, now rebranded as X by Elon Musk, has been the game changer social media platform for branding, news, and internet culture. Its concept of limited character posts called 'tweets' brought out some of the best content and controversies, with people tickling their funny bones to be the best tweeters out there with more than a few hundred million active users.

But the platform has been a revolution, with tweets almost replacing the traditional spread of world news and becoming an excellent way for celebrities, brands, and influencers to interact with their audience and handle debates between each other. And while we may not be writing your tweets for you, we can make sure that they reach the right audience to go on Twitter trending.

Our Twitter SMM services come with a variety of services where you can buy retweets, likes, mentions, direct messages followers, etc. for your account and increase your visibility on the Twitter. It is not just a dream now to be trending on Twitter but a viable and achievable goal as long as you put your efforts in the right place. Don't worry, and we will help with the rest!

Pinterest can easily be a way of life for you, designed by you. The image-sharing platform has been serving a host of users since 2010 and still manages to amuse them in every way possible with a diverse range of ideas and inspiration for almost every subject. With the help of Pinterest Pinboards, you can create a mood board to define the ideas that surround you. The image-sharing app makes you use images to convey your thoughts.

Primarily described as a "visual search engine", users can find all their interests in terms of brands, art, personalities, fandoms, etc. Promote your content, such as images or videos, using our Pinterest SMM services. Suppose you are a creator or a business looking for opportunities to grow business or monetization options. In that case, you should know that Pinterest invests millions of dollars in cash grants, ad credits, and equipment for people who are part of its platform.

To get started in such a self-sufficient platform that is almost like a bubble, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy to impress your presence on the user base. It means reaching the right people through our cheapest Pinterest social media service, which specializes in that.

Build a fan base effortlessly by using our services to boost likes, pins, and followers strategically - all tailored to align with the platform's algorithm. Just remember, success is just one step away!

And many other specialized services are available for Spotify, Instagram Threads, Snapchat, Club House, Likee, and Website Traffic . Explore these services and choose what suits you best!

What makes Easy2Promo as the Best SMM Panel?

Lightning Fast

We take pride in the almost instantaneous delivery of our services, so you can keep your focus on putting out amazing content. Time is money, and we intend you to save both. The fast speed of our deliverables and their impact means you can speedrun your growth on any social media and rise in the ranks faster than anyone!

Fastest SMM Panel as Lightning
Genuine and Real SMM Panel Services

Real People

Real recognize real, and that's a fact. With the help of our SMM panel, you get genuine people to interact with your content and provide the boost it needs. Real people lead to positive organic growth and recognition by the different algorithms of social media platforms. Buy our services to create a community of people who are always in the back cheering for your success!

Non-drop Guarantee

We give a non-drop guarantee on the SMM Panel services with no hesitation. Our technical team constantly works to make sure that only high-quality deliverables are provided to our users while any and every problem is instantly solved by our support. This means that you can free your mind from the threat of any drops!

High Quality SMM Services with Non-drop Guarantee
Intuitive Interface makes it Easy SMM Panel

Intuitive Interface

Easy2Promo is designed with keeping customer feedback in mind to provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for each and every person. So you can navigate through all the information provided and make careful decisions about our services.

API for Reseller

We're committed to expanding the reach of our services and empowering businesses like yours to thrive. That's why we offer comprehensive SMM API support to resellers, ensuring that our users can seamlessly integrate and resell our services with ease and effectiveness. After all, we believe that sharing is caring, and together, we can achieve remarkable success!

Supports API for SMM Resellers
Supports Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Platforms Supported

Easy2Promo caters to various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram, to name a few. As you solidify your online presence by pursuing success on different suitable platforms, our SMM services are there to help you achieve your goals with minimal problems. We are wherever you are to provide the push that can make you go viral!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on our panel.

An SMM panel website is an online store that sells all the services related to social media marketing for various platforms to increase views, likes, comments, shares, and followers.

It is a widely used service for content creators, brands, businesses, and professionals who want to elevate the growth of their social media accounts with the help of real people in the form of following or followers and other aspects.

An SMM service is a type of deliverable provided by SMM panels for various social media platforms. You can choose to buy multiple SMM services for the benefit of your social media accounts, according to your marketing needs.

SMM panels are often the edge in the competitive sphere of social media, where it is highly difficult to be visible and reach your target audience. It is a form of marketing tactic that basically gives a users organic growth a push to reach its potential and even speeds up its pace of being picked up by algorithms to go viral or at least trend.

SMM panels are nowadays a necessary part of marketing practices as they can provide many short and long-term benefits.

Any social media user who wants to take advantage of the potential of the various online platforms for monetization, promotion, or popularity should buy services from an SMM panel.

Many influencers and brands are actually advent users of the services that SMM panels provide as a part of their marketing efforts.

SMM is short for "Social Media Marketing" as SMM panels are part of social media marketing practices.

Easy2Promo is the main SMM provider in India due to it being the best and cheapest SMM panel services online. It is often counted as one of the most trusted Indian SMM panels for its efforts in high-quality assistance to its users.

The best way to understand this is that regular SMM panels are parents of child panels and provide them with all their services and functions to resell. However, child panels are not allowed to use other APIs except their parent.

In this understanding, a child panel basically offers SMM services that are linked to a regular SMM panel, have lower maintenance costs, and work as standalone subsidiaries for resellers.

Follow these steps:

  1. Buy a suitable domain to host the panel.
  2. Get web hosting services, preferably from the same provider.
  3. Buy API support from a panel service provider and install the script to start your panel.
  4. Buy a suitable domain to host the panel.

Design an SEO-optimized website and promote it through various marketing tactics.

An API, short for Application Programming Interface, serves as a web script that allows users to stay connected and resell SMM panel services through their websites.

Easy2Promo is counted as one of the best SMM panels online for its seamless and effective services that are widely used by brands and social media personalities. One should always check out and try out their services once to trust their ability to boost your social media.

It is hard to make a judgment between the two practices as they both are considered a necessary part of any effective marketing strategy. In their own right, SEO and SMM both help you to increase the reach of your social media so it can be picked up by algorithms to become visible to your target audience.

The drip feed feature enables users to purchase all the views, likes, followers, etc. from our SMM panel at once, while having the ability to control the speed at which these are delivered to their social media accounts. Its purpose is to replicate organic growth on social media platforms, making it more likely to be recognized and promoted by platform algorithms.

Without a doubt, Easy2Promo is the best and cheapest SMM panel in India. Highly trusted by its users, it provides affordable and impactful services, customized for each and everyone.

Despite having the lowest costing plans on the internet, it does not cut on the quality of its SMM services.

SMM panels, much like everything, are completely safe if used in moderation. It is an effective marketing tactic that is widely used by beginners and veterans to boost their social media.